1960 - 1984

Founded and operated by the Universitäts-Sternwarte Göttingen (USWG), Germany.


The USWG leaves Locarno and transfers its observations to Tenerife (Canary Islands). The instrumentation of Locarno is largely used for the new telescope. Agreement between the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the private association AIRSOL, Associazione Istituto Ricerche Solari Locarno, to sell the institute.


FIRSOL, Fondazione Istituto Ricerche Solari Locarno, a private foundation takes over the observatory.

1988 - 1992

The instrumentation is reconstructed and updated (new electronics, new grating). The technical collaboration with the Fachhochschule Wiesbaden (FHSW) allows to improve the automatization.

1993 - 1995

The renovated instrumentation allows to restart research programs.

1996 ->

Research and collaborations with other institutes, mainly with the ETH-Zurich (Group of Prof. Stenflo).

1998 ->

The ZIMPOL polarimeter (developed at ETH-Zurich) is operated in Locarno.

2004 ->

The adaptive optics system developed in collaboration with SUPSI is installed at IRSOL.

2005 ->

The Fabry-Perot system is installed at IRSOL.

2008 ->

2009 ->

The new polarimeter generation ZIMPOLIII is operational at IRSOL.

2012 ->

IRSOL participates to the SOLARNET consortium

2013 ->


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